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Lapis Storm

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I'm alive and I'm a NERD KITTY. Jan. 14th, 2005 @ 05:31 pm
I haven't posted in many a month, but I just thought I'd mention I'm still alive.

I'm still alive.

I also just took a test and it's Blondierule's fault.

..just like my Animal Crossing addiction is indirectly Jedera's fault.

Here's my quiz results - YAY!!

You scored as Nerd Cat. Holy crap, poindexter. Try buying some new specs instead of taping them together. Yeah, Bill Gates made a lot of money, but he's also the devil. You've got a long way to go.


Nerd Cat


Ninja Cat


Pissed at the World Cat


Derranged Cat


Drunk Cat


Couch Potato Cat


Love Machine Cat


Which Absurd Cat are you?
created with QuizFarm.com
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Current Music: Castlevania 1 - "Rigor Dance" Remix

Eh..heh I PAINT! Oct. 27th, 2004 @ 12:28 pm
Yeah, I.. should update this some time..

And make all the VG icons I told people I'd make ages ago..

And catch up on all the RHTOTD's

..I will eventually, really! ^^;;

I like this proverb. It reminds me that it's ok that the projects I'm working on are taking sooo long to complete..
"The plans of the diligent lead surely to plenty,
But those of everyone who is hasty, surely to poverty."
~ Proverbs 21:5

Yayness. The Bible really has some wonderful principles for life in it in places. X3

'tleast I think so.

Anyways, blah blah OH - I started doing impressionistic painting and I LOVES IT!!

Here are links to the two pics I've done this way!!

The first is a tribute to Street Fighter for it's 15th Anniversary!!

As a huge shock ( ¬¸¬ ) I did a pic of Vega! (Balrog-Vega not M.Bison-Vega - I prefer the english names though they make less sense ^^; )

The concept is that later on Vega finally escapes from the mind-control of M.Bison and Shadowloo. He has his tattoos removed to help him feel a final release from his violent past. He goes onward, thinking about the future, though with a twinge of pain mixed with wonderful memories, as the first person he ever loved besides himself is now dead.

Isn't that cheery!!?? ^^; (it's *supposed* to be a hopeful, 'looking to the future while remembering good times of the past' kind of thing ^^; )


The second is a pic of Nikki from Chrono Cross who NEEDS MORE LOVE (So does Vega, for that matter..) The pic is dedicated to my bud Krysil who is one of the few fellow Nikki lovers I've found out there : (

I like the way the Vega one is more towards realism, but for anyone who knows what Chrono Cross's style looks like, you can see that this is atleast trying to work off of that ^^;

The pose etc, is based off of a black n' white photo of Yoshiki Hayashi as I felt it fitting for the J-rocker to want a portrait done based on a photo of someone who pretty much started the Visual Kei movement in J-rock. *is J-rock oldies nerd, dun mind her* ^^;


Ok, tha's all fer now!! ;3
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Current Music: Entertaining Angels - Newsboys

Politics need love. Oct. 8th, 2004 @ 03:42 pm
Irony and hope of love for democrats & republicans alike.. ; )


Makes me wonder why we don't just have both candidates be president and work together on issues but I guess they'd just argue huh? : /

*is even less popular* *if that's possible* XD
Current Mood: lovedomni-loving
Current Music: Red Dwarf Season 7 is soooooo funny.

eBay ....... An attempt is made - I hope it works....... Oct. 7th, 2004 @ 08:24 pm
Man, I'm behind on my 'random happy thoughts o' the day' - I'll catch up some time though.. ^_~

Anyways.. I tried doing an auction on eBay for an art commission. I put it up today so I'm not surprised it hasn't been bid on since eBay'ers usually wait 'til the last minute so.. I'm hoping it does well.. I'm almost done with the latest of my paid commissions and I just finished another one I was working on as well.. I've tried getting hired but alot of the places I've applied to say my work is great but they don't need any more artists right now.. so..

I'm seriously considering working the late shift at taco bell just to get that bit of extra income in the meantime while I work on various art-based projects I'm trying to build up to sellable during the day.. : /

*irony - my mom comes in right now and reminds me to not be in here dilly-dallying my time away with friends on the computer when financial deadlines and such are coming up soon. har. does she really think i'd forget that? ...*

Anyways.. if anyones interested in looking.. (and especially if they're interested in bidding... ^_~ ... ^^; ) here's the link to my current auction on eBay - it ends on October 14th..


Please let me know if you have any suggestions/information about this or jobs in general - thanks. : )
Current Mood: blahblarrg.
Current Music: 'Dream ~ Oscar and Lumiale' - Angelique Voice Fantasy OST

Random Happy Thought O' The Day #04 Oct. 4th, 2004 @ 12:54 am

Random Happy Thought o' the Day #04:

Nude Gackt riding a clam shell...


(( Not my usual 'happy thought' .. but there's a Midori out there in need of a lil lot a lovin' an' some definitely happy thoughts....... *hugs to ya lass*  ; )  - <3 ))


Current Mood: flirtywinking-y
Current Music: Weiß OST - Aya's Theme

Random Happy Thought o' the Day #03 Oct. 2nd, 2004 @ 01:03 am

Random Happy Thought o' the Day #03:

Deep within the city of Paris, Officer Ky Kiske is handed a big red balloon by a little girl in a frilly dress.  "Merci de sauver mon chiot, Monsieur," says the little girl.  "Ce n'était aucun problème du tout, Mademoiselle," says Officer Kiske.


(( The French is supposed to say "Thank you for saving my puppy, sir" and "It was no problem at all, Miss" - please excuse if it's not correct - I know veeery little French.  Anyways.. she already knows this one but.. needed to officially dedicate it to the prismgecko... ^____^ ~ <3 ))</span>

Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: "I am a Pirate King" by good ol' Gilbert & Sullivan

Update on ANTS ANTS ANTS.. n' more. Oct. 2nd, 2004 @ 12:41 am
Well, I took all the ones that were crawling around and threw them outside. They kinda stopped coming after that - I guess the Lysol got to them after a while afterall.. I feel kinda bad but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.. : /

Overall, life is good - as always. ^^v

Plus, read some Gecko updates - she's havin' a blast and that makes for happy everyone! ;3

Also, starting to lean towards doin' more business commissions.. Set prices and stuff. Still way cheaper than the price guidebook says but, eh, I think my prices'll work better and I can always raise them later as my work gains a lil' more recognition, ne? I thought in college I'd be completely bleah about doing business-y art stuff, but the more I'm 'out in the world,' the more I'm enjoying the simplicity of doing logos and stuff.

Yay. I heard Van Halen's "Dreams" again today. Ish one of me an' me bf's songs (not for any weird or dirty reasons. Yeesh people. -_-; )

Didn't forget my Random Happy Thought O' The Day off course.. coming soon.. even though it's past midnight..

Pf! I'm on Harvest Moon time where morning doesn't start until 6am! ><*

So. There.


Yul as King: "Wazza... Like This... NO!?"
Deb as Anna: "Yes......."

Current Mood: contentcontent
Current Music: "Shall We Dance" from "The King and I" (w/ Deb Kerr & YUL!!)
Other entries
» "ANTS ANTS ANTS!" sayeth Mike Myers as German TV Host for Sprockets.
Ayo.. I feel like I'm doing something wrong or weird or something.

Been having weirdness with animals getting in the house lately..

One day a frog gets in so I take it outside.

Another day my mom brings home a ladybug to help her plants and the next day another frog gets in and ..probably ate it though we hope not..

And right now I've got those big flying ants all over my window, my computer desk, and myself. I don't know why. My room is clean and I have no food around for them. I think there's alot of them living in my wall that are coming up through the little hole in the bottom-inside of my window (and no, I don't open the window. It's actually covered in black plastic since the hurricanes and I can't open it unless I take that stuff down.)

I dunno. I've just got a really weird feeling about all this. It may not sound so freaky to other people, but then there're other things I'm not getting into that add to it.

Overall though, I'm positive about the whole thing. I know things'll work out.. and this'll all add up for the better. To me, optimism -is- realism because I really feel that how people believe - and especially what they say and do and write, etc. effects things more than any of us really realize.. It's like how you can say one silly thing and someone can take it the wrong way and have it ruin their entire day because we don't understand all that's going on behind the scenes in their mind, ya know? That make any sense?

Anyways, I'm off now to collect the ants and throw them outside or something. I don't like to kill things but I may have to.. I tried spraying their hole with lysol but that just made a bunch of them come out and start trying to find a new home inside my room or something. Ungh. I love animals.. but they have their place..

They're probably just trying to escape the recent weather or something.. but I dunno. I still feel weird.

Love all.
» Random Happy Thought O' The Day #02

Random Happy Thought o' the Day #02:

The Cast of FFIX Dancing to Sting's "Brand New Day" all together - yes, Kuja too. ; )


(( ..yep, this one's -definitely- dedicated to neonkitty... ^_~))</span>

» Update on livin' + ADVENTURES IN 'NORMAL' TV! O,o
Yayness for OrganLIVE.com!! XD

Anyways.. I's still workin' on Blondierule's plushie - woo! I feel bad it's taking so long but atleast he's turning out well so far.. ;3

My webcartoon site is finally coming along thanks to Khaos - dear lad who knows much much Flash and has helped me soooooo much already!! Hooray for someone who makes really clear tutorials that actually work the first time you try them!! XD It makes me want to give a 'Flash makeover' to all my sites! X3

Hopin' the Gecko's havin' fun in Japan - I miss'er already! : )

My bf and I are still doin' grand. Workin' through some stuff but overall grand. Crazy boy's finally gettin' a new compu soon thanks to his Grandparent's help so I can finally talk to him online again (he's long distance so now I can only talk to him for a bit after 9pm on weekdays.. ) and we can work on our crazy secret project and he can do some voice acting fer me. (he's a master of voices.. too bad he's not too keen on the character I'm asking him to voice in my current big series because of stupid superficial reasons.. but I won't get into that.. *cough cough hyenas don't have to be irritating and obnoxious cough* Eh, can't blame him though.. it's a lifelong dislike so.. : / Eh, we'll work that out too - it's not a big deal ^^

On the topic of new tv stuff (which I normally dun bother with but do occassionally right now)..

As a prelude, note that I almost NEVER watch TV anymore and usually just have something on a tape running in the background as I draw or program or whatever, so this truly has been a strange new adventure for me!!

Um. I saw 'Scrubs' finally - had no idea it was a comedy. Cool. Makes me miss 'Nurses' though - best medical comedy EVER. XD

LAX (which I can't take too seriously because the name ALWAYS makes me think of 'LAXative' ¬_¬; ) was pretty cool. The main male actor in it is very very cool (and I'm glad to see him go back to his original love. Gettin' sick of the whole and very-overused 'new woman comes in, sweeps man off his feet, and he leaves the woman who's been devoted to him for so many years' concept.. Grarrg.) and the nerdy guy is so cute! (In this one he had to deal with his fear of flight.. Gwaha.. It was so sweet when he tried to comfort the main chick who was getting over the aforementioned main guy who went back to his lady - looks like the main chick'll probably go for the tough guy though instead of him though since well.. he's nerdy and they almost always set up nerds to be single or end up with other nerds in shows like this.. Ah well. Nerds need more love.. :( ) Yayness for nerds! X3

Um and uh. Watched the Apprentice - parts of it anyway. He's such a jerk and he loves it. Cute in a way though. I want to go on the show just to win and tell him that no matter how grand the fortune that goes with it, I don't want such a superficial, uncaring and lifeless job where i'd end up his slave for the rest of my life.. Adding a 'no thanks' of course..

*cough* anyways..

Um, also saw one fear factor thing. i'd probably not have any problems with the gross stuff.. or the swimming things.. it'd just be funny at the end of this one we watched where the last stunt involved driving a car over a moving ramp onto a moving flatbed truck since I'd have to say "Uh.. I can't drive.... -_-;;"

Um. Father of the Pride is cute sometimes but from what I've seen it's just kinda 'eh' in some ways too. Gwenyth Paltrow sure makes a good whiny panda though.. ¬¬;

And OO!! It was happy for me to see in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit that B.D. Wong (The scientist working in the hatchery with the raptors in Jurassic Park) still gets work! He's a wunnerful actor - I don't know why we don't see him around more often. :3

..I didn't watch all of it though since it's kinda a show that is waaay overrated.. (Law & Order altogether I mean, not just SVU) and well.. I had better things to watch.. which I'll talk about after this next bit.........

And lastly in my "Adventures in 'normal' TV".. I've rediscovered my liking of the Conan O'Brian-ness X3

He's so cute an' charming an'.. weird! If I were catholic, I'd dub him patron saint of nerds! Woo!

(Not to mention he got bonus points with me for saying video games are a 'healthy way to release stress' - GOOD BOY CONAN!! *pat pat*)


I also watched an old tape of mine.. (especially during most of law & order etc.) usually when my mom's on the compu, i'm out in the living room watching Red Dwarf season 7 over and over while I draw, but last time I decided to do something.. different. Got out an old tape of random old shows.. Yayness for Golden Girls and Darkwing Duck! WOO! ..I still think Launchpad is kinda handsome, sweet an' charming.. for a duck anyway ^^;

There was also some of Lord of the Dance on it. Michael Flatley is sooooooo funny XD

And I'm not nearly as liking of the Simpsons as I used to be but .. I really like the episode that was on that tape where Sideshow Bob (voiceacted by the guy that plays Frasier) gets set up by his brother (voiceacted by guy who plays Frasier's brother, Niles) Sooo funny.

Also had some clips from Tetris Attack that I taped ages ago when renting it.. Raphael Raven is sooo coool.. And the puppy's RIDICULOUSLY cute. ..especially for having no nose or .. really all that much of anything that usually makes a dog look like well.. a dog. ;o




*bleep-ness* Later all with random happy thought o' the day!! ^^;
(I got rid of the 'f' in of to make it sound more irish.. for some reason.. ^^; )

BLARRRRGG! *hooray for lava monsters!*
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